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Exterior visualisation
Space scheme
Interior visualisation
Ground floor plan
Underground floor plan
Section A
Section B


The aim was to create a family house for whole life. Analyzing needs of a family decade after decade there were many requirements for every stage of life. This design transforms lifestyle and needs of one specific family into every part of a house.

Also, there are things we want, things we think we need and things we really need. I tried to ‘rediscover’   fundamental needs of a human being starting from the prehistoric people’s home - the cave. This led me to 5 steps of Maslowov’s pyramid of needs.

The tendency in nowaday society is to separate. Many people need (wants) privacy, not to be  observed or disturbed by other people. But also there are so many people who feels lonely. I think that this is the thing we don’t realise it is related. So we don’t need more private spaces, we just need to learn how to respect each other. 

So there is a house with the least of privacy for a good reason - to learn how to live together and be a family.

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