2. underground floor plan
1. underground and ground floor plan
1. floor plan

Collaboration with Patrícia Moravíková
Bohuslav Fuchs Award - Special Prize
Winter Semester 2017/2018​

Bergel's Palace is a Neo-Renaissance building in Brno, Czech Republic. This palace was deigned by Heinrich Freiherr von Ferstel, an architect and professor from Vienna, and is unique in many ways. 

The project is dealing with part of interior that was meant as a showroom and shop, later as a restaurant and caffe bar. Nowadays, there is a big problem with scale of restaurant and none of classic gastro services survived.

Therefore, we came up with surreal story that can people amaze many times. There are changes expected in gastro menu as well as in interior.

Spaces are thoughtfully divided into 2 sections. Underground parts are night and work only during night hours. The highest floor is the day that works here continuously. The floor-level street floor displays the idea of displaying the earthly world, but in the depths of the sea. It is alternating with the night and is a crossing between 2 sections. Guardian Leviathan tells you more…


The main motive for this project is the contrast between day & night, the Sun & the Moon, the Eden & the underworld. Their alternation and complementarity, which makes harmony as well as the balance of thought. 

However, this balance is not shown with moderation, but with strong contrasts. The work came to the point of an absurd drama. By analogy, the spaces in question violate the classical concept and the notion of space, as in the theater the absurd drama violates the classical composition of the play. Absurd drama in our conception is highlighted by the nonsense and manier approach to the interior.

Concept scheme of space

2. underground floor plan

1. underground and ground floor plan

1. floor plan


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