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Santini's church in Zdar nad Sazavou
Finding new form
Visualization top view
Visualization of "interior"


Decompostition and Conjunction

Colaboration with Patrik Kučavík and Roderik Zetocha

The aim was to analyze the Santini's architectural work in Žďár nad Sázavou, to inspire and subsequently apply it to the new protoarchitecture. The workshop included intensive work in Grasshopper and an understanding of the principle of parametric design. Applying knowledge was in groups, with each group choosing their own assignment and creating something completely different.

We focused on the element of ribbing, which is dominant element in the church of Jan Nepomucký and at the same time is only aesthetic. In particular, it creates a game of light and shadow typical for this construction. The ribs were parametrically formed and subsequently applied to deformations. Thus variations were created, one being selected and applied to the ornamental geometry of the Baroque principle.

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